Hitori Tori

(Fwonk Records / Panospria / Meta0)

from Vancouver, Canada

<Breakcore, Experimental, IDM>

 In 1998 Julian La Brooy's four track recorder was tragically destroyed. A sound tracker completely changed everything and Hitori Tori was born.
 Julian first released several IDM tracks under the artist name Finch on the Omniscience Complilation (Sugarmonk/Interchill Records) in 1999 alongside artists such as Tim Hecker (Jetone) and Adam Shaikh. A full-length album under the artist name 'Fasp' was released on the Nishi net-label in 2002. Since changing his name to Hitori Tori, Julian has seen several EP releases on net labels such as Fwonk, Panospria, and more recently Meta0 Recordings. He was recently contacted for a personal interview by the developers of Renoise (a music software company), who were intrigued by his live 'controllerism' jams they had witnessed on Youtube. Hitori Tori's live performance videos have also been receiving positive feedback in publications such as Computer Music Magazine and Create Digital Music. Over the past few years Hitori Tori has been very lucky to share the stage with some wonderful electronic artists like: Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra, End.user, and Techdiff.